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This is the unofficial homepage of The Kelley Deal 6000. The official page used to be here, but it seems to have disappeared for good. TKD6K was started back in 1995 by Kelley Deal, formerly the lead guitarist for the Breeders, while Kelley was in drug rehab in Minnesota. While in a halfway house in St. Paul, Kelley began writing songs. As soon as she got out of rehab, she grabbed some musicians and headed for the studio to record what would become Go To the Sugar Altar. The bands original name, Solid State, was taken from the cosmology of the Arica cult, which she learned about from someone she met at Hazelton. "They believe there are various states of life, 'State One' and 'State Two,' all the way up to 'State 6000,' which is like nirvana," Kelley says. The band's original line-up included Kelley on guitar and vocals, Marty Nedich on bass, Steve Salett on guitar, and Nick Hook on drums. Sugar Altar features collaborations with Jimmy Flemion (the Frogs) and Grifter Dave Shouse.

Sugar Altar was recorded on Kelley's dime to the tune of $10,000. After turning down several record offers from major labels, Kelley decided to put the album out on her own label, Nice Records. The songs on Go To The Sugar Altar draw on Kelley's rehab experience at the Hazelton Clinic in Minnesota. The LP's lead track, "Canyon," was inspired by a young, female crack addict she met during her brief stay in jail. Soon after recording of the album, the band changed their name to The Kelley Deal 6000, after receiving a letter from another band who claimed to hold legal rights to the name 'Solid State'.

With the release of Sugar Altar, the band headed out to tour the States. With the conclusion of their U.S. tour, the band headed to Europe. On their European tour, the band went through a number of guitarists, ultimately ending up with Todd Mund, the band's manager, on guitar.

After the band finished touring, they began working on their sophmore release, Boom! Boom! Boom!. In February of 1997, the band headed to the studio to record the new album. During this time, the line-up changed yet again. This time Nick Hook left the band, and Todd Johnson  replaced him on drums. The album's release was delayed a few months, but was finally released in August 1997. Their second album consists of 15 tracks, and is longer than the first. The first single off the album is "Shag". To hear samples of tracks on Boom! Boom! Boom!, click here. The band  toured the States throughout the summer of 97, and had planned to Europe in November 97.

In late 1997, the band went on hiatus.   Kelley has been involved in a seeming ongoing project with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Jimmy Chamberlain (ex-Smashing Pumkins), and Jimmy Flemion (the Frogs) called the Last Hard Men.   They released a song on the Scream soundtrack, as well as a video called "Sleep".  An album may be in the works.  No word yet on what's to come next.

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