Bike Unchained Hack – Free Obtanium Cheats. No Survey!

Red Bull has made an entry in the gaming world of mobile with the successful launch of Bike Unchained! This game is specially designed in such a manner that all adventure loving players and bikers love it so much. The players have its own character and need to travel with it all around. They are also allowed to collect new bikes, which honestly will cost you a solid amount of game currency. Well, collecting this currency is no more a daunting task. It can be easily generated with the help of our no survey Bike Unchained Hack.

Bike Unchained Hack



Bike unchained cheats – Generate Obtainium

Obtainium is the main currency of the game. The producing of it is quite a hard task for most of the persons. Well, not in today’s era. Just visit our awesome hack tool and use our Bike Unchained Cheats, you will be impressed how simply free obtainium and gold can be generated. Progressing in the game will be a lot easier, with the help of unlimited currency.

A few tips

Perfect timing plays a very important role in this game, especially when it comes to the flowing techniques. The green line on the track indicates that the player should either flow or let go. The best way to go about it is to flow on the downhill slope and choose to let go on the inclining path. Another way to keep progressing in the game at a reasonable and constant speed – a player should spend some time on doing the tricks. The adrenaline meter in the game sets to the high level with every successful aerial trick. Once the player managed to get to the peak of the adrenaline meter they can use it for upgrading the speed and jumping capability of their bikes. Plus don’t forget to use our free obtanium cheats.